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School Nutrition Training

USDA-approved Professional Standards Tracking and More

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Training, Support, and Guidance

We believe school nutrition programs should be able to put all of their attention on feeding our children well. With so many rules and regulations, that task has never been more difficult.

LunchAssist is here to help you succeed.

"Thank you to the amazing team at LunchAssist. During these difficult times in child nutrition they are truly there for so many Directors, including myself. They always give kind, accurate, efficient and much needed advice, guidance and clarification whenever needed. They are always telling us that we are the "hero's"....but without them, I do not think we would get through this with such grace. Thank you all. Now, let's go feed some children!"

Chef Bethany Markee
Director of Child Nutrition, Orcutt Union School District

"Working with LunchAssist this past year is one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a small district, it is sometimes difficult because you are the one that has to do everything. LunchAssist has been there every step of the way, keeping me on track and making sure I have everything completed. My CACFP review was flawless, and other than a little bit of legwork, I basically sat back and let it happen. They completed my CEP review and they are creating an amazing staff handbook for us. They have given me much-needed time to focus on menu development. LunchAssist is like hiring an Assistant Director, but at a fraction of the cost."

Judi Reynolds
Director of Student Nutrition, Fallbrook Union High School District

"I hired a consultant... I tell people all of the time it is the best money I have ever spent as a Director. I am trying to work smarter not harder these days."

Brian Chiarito
Director of Child Nutrition, Madera Unified School District

"I honestly can say I would not have gotten through the past 2 years without the support of Lunchassist. I feel blessed to have met you at the Green Schools Conference and to be a part of this wonderful service that you so generously provide to us all. Thank you!"

Debbie Campbell
Lunch Program Coordinator, Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy

"Ms. McNeil’s knowledge of various food handling, safety, and government codes on the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs is excellent. She not only demonstrates a high level of knowledge of the global issues of the programs, but is also intimately knowledgeable about the daily details."

Vincent J. Christakos
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Hemet Unified School District

"LunchAssist has gone above and beyond in helping me complete my Administrative Review. Their knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations is spot on. Any questions I had, they answered. Jen was able to trouble shoot and video chat her way to helping me receive an AR with No Findings and No Corrective Actions. We do a great job here, but I know without a doubt, Jen was the key factor to our success. We will be consulting with her from now on with any new projects. Many thanks. A+"

Jeff Capps
Food Service Director, Dunsmuir Union High School District

"I started 2 days before the world shut down for COVID and was not able to do any training with my predecessor or other directors so your programs have been a lifesaver for me. Even though I didn't have an AR this year, I wanted to use the Boot Camp to help me develop systems and best practices just for every day - and of course for that AR when it eventually comes. So far it's been fantastic for that!"

Jon Ott
Director of Food Service, Whitehall Central School District

"Thank you for all your help and information that you provide! I love the simplicity of your website, webposts, and lessons!!! Congratulations on 5 years in business, and many, many more to come!! Much appreciated for all your hard work and dedication."

Grace Tolmachoff
Cafeteria Worker, Andrews School Cafe

"I do want to thank you for the tremendous service and care that Lunch Assist has provided over the past couple of years. I know many of us confidently use and recommend Lunch Assist as a reliable resource. Y'all have undoubtedly made yourselves an asset and a meaningful name in the school food community."

Holly Hungerford Cocking
Director of Nutrition Services, River Springs Charter Schools

"Thanks so much. I love you guys. It feels so nice to have such practical support from an organization."

Vanessa Zajfen
Director of Food & Nutrition Services, Ocean View School District

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