COVID-19 ToolKit

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to bring you a new resource this morning. Our team at LunchAssist has worked tirelessly over the past 48 hours to develop a COVID-19 Emergency Meal Service Toolkit. In honor of St. Patrick, we made it 17-pages long.

We did our best to compile all of the latest information relevant to serving USDA meals under COVID-19 meal service guidelines. The regulations in the toolkit are written from our frame of reference as California-based school nutrition professionals, but we hope they will be helpful for our colleagues across the United States. 

We also created some very useful templates, food safety cards, sample menus, production record forms, and more. Visit the COVID-19 page to download.

We will update the toolkit as information changes.

Please share this post on social media and with school nutrition professionals. And tell us, what additional resources do you need?

From all of us at LunchAssist, thank you to everyone who is...

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Uncategorized Mar 24, 2020


Last week we spoke with Chef Kelsey Perusse, MS, RDN. She is the Nutrition Coordinator for Pleasanton Unified School District in the SF Bay Area, one of the first areas in the United States to be placed under mandatory "shelter in place" orders. Since our conversation, officials in 12 states, including the entire state of California, have told residents to stay home. In the throes of this chaos, Kelsey and her team have been thinking a lot about gratitude. 

"Life feels a bit unsettling to say the least. A week and a half ago our cafeterias were open, and kids were flooding the lines as the bell rang. In a matter of days, schools were closed and in some areas, there is a shelter in place. One thing that seems to have remained unchanged, school nutrition professionals are essential workers."

While many people are working remote, cafeteria staff are showing up. What is Perusse's formula for showing appreciation?
"This week our days have started with a team...
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Updates for Our First Responders

We are so impressed with the leadership among school nutrition professionals this week. Yesterday, we looked up the definition of "first responder" and realized that school nutrition professionals belong on this list. 
Thank you for your bravery and courage while providing meals during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Policy Updates
USDA and State Agencies are working around the clock to provide additional clarifications. The California Department of Education released updated guidance regarding COVID-19.

Key takeaways:

1.  Social distancing during meal service is vital to controlling the spread of COVID-19.
  • See the Toolkit for guidance on protecting your team.
  • Coming Soon: A flyer that outlines how to keep people safe while they serve meals.

  With prior approval, meals may be sent home for multiple days at a time.
  • Warning: additional monitoring requirements will be forthcoming from USDA.
  • For now, consider...
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COVID-19 Resources for Schools

covid-19 Mar 16, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday! Hopefully this day goes better than Friday the 13th. We have a few new resources and updates to start off the week! This is also our first blog post... a transition based on the group emails I've been sharing with the LunchAssist community. We will open things up to share out as much information as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. Welcome to anyone new who hasn't chatted with us before. And thank you for everything you are doing to help feed our children during this outbreak!

LunchAssist COVID-19 Resources:

  • Flyers: Use these to publicize your meal service. They are available in English and Spanish
  • Food Safety Cards: Feel free to use these printable food safety cards to encourage good food safety for meals taken off-site during the non-congregate feeding. Formatted to print 4-per-page. 
  • Daily Meal Count Form: Be sure to record meal counts as they are served during the emergency meal services. We...
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