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covid-19 Mar 16, 2020

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday! Hopefully this day goes better than Friday the 13th. We have a few new resources and updates to start off the week! This is also our first blog post... a transition based on the group emails I've been sharing with the LunchAssist community. We will open things up to share out as much information as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. Welcome to anyone new who hasn't chatted with us before. And thank you for everything you are doing to help feed our children during this outbreak!

LunchAssist COVID-19 Resources:

  • Flyers: Use these to publicize your meal service. They are available in English and Spanish
  • Food Safety Cards: Feel free to use these printable food safety cards to encourage good food safety for meals taken off-site during the non-congregate feeding. Formatted to print 4-per-page. 
  • Daily Meal Count Form: Be sure to record meal counts as they are served during the emergency meal services. We simplified a Daily Meal Count Form for COVID-19 to be specific and easy to use. Feel free to use the original form SNP25a, clicker counts, a computerized POS, or other meal counting options.
  • Waiver Template: If you have yet to submit a waiver yet and are planning to serve meals while school is closed, please submit this as soon as possible. California school nutrition professionals can utilize this template

In the News:

  • Congress Approves more COVID-19 Flexibilities: Details are still emerging as to how these will be implemented and what they mean. Read the legislative bill language for now - but be warned - it's a bit hard to understand (or is that just me?). For now, feed the children as best you can within the relevant guidelines, but don't stress if you have supply chain disruptions. Help is on its way.

Policy Clarifications:

  • Yes, those sites with a low F/R percentage can still apply for the waiver to feed all children under 18 for free during the school closures. 
  • You may feed all children under 18 if approved for the waiver. You are not required to turn children away, even if they are from a different school or district. 
  • SFSP vs. SSO? If you haven't operated SFSP in the past 2 years, then you must operate SSO (for now). 

All resources are now posted to our website. You can check here for COVID-19 resources.  More underway now, including an Emergency Feeding Plan specific to this outbreak, sample menus and information on personal protective equipment for our staff.

Stay tuned and take care!

All of us at LunchAssist


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