COVID-19 ToolKit

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to bring you a new resource this morning. Our team at LunchAssist has worked tirelessly over the past 48 hours to develop a COVID-19 Emergency Meal Service Toolkit. In honor of St. Patrick, we made it 17-pages long.

We did our best to compile all of the latest information relevant to serving USDA meals under COVID-19 meal service guidelines. The regulations in the toolkit are written from our frame of reference as California-based school nutrition professionals, but we hope they will be helpful for our colleagues across the United States. 

We also created some very useful templates, food safety cards, sample menus, production record forms, and more. Visit the COVID-19 page to download.

We will update the toolkit as information changes.

Please share this post on social media and with school nutrition professionals. And tell us, what additional resources do you need?

From all of us at LunchAssist, thank you to everyone who is feeding our children on the front lines of this disaster.

PS: Please forgive any typos in the Toolkit, as it has been published in a rush. Is there something you think needs correcting or updating? Please let us know.


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