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Individualized support from our team to help you where you need it most.

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Farm to School

Interested in freshening up your menu with fresh, local produce? We can help you bring the farm to your cafeteria.

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Menu Planning

Transitioning schools to Fresh Meals, one entrée at a time.

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Equipment Grants

We've helped our clients receive nearly $500,000 in Equipment Grants since 2018.

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Staff Training

Relevant and fresh trainings with web-based, self-guided, and in-person solutions.

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Nutrient Analysis

Expert management of nutrient analysis systems such as Health-e Meal Planner ProMosaic, and Titan.

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Food Safety

Customized training and resources to keep your district safe.

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Procurement & Buy American

Helping our clients navigate 15+ Procurement Reviews since 2018.

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Supporting schools in their applications and data processing for CEP or Provision 2. Innovative solutions for meal applications.

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Solutions to give your department a modern look and increase participation and awareness of the school nutrition program.

Audits & Reviews

Individualized support for the entire Administrative Review process... from start to finish. We have helped our clients navigate 50+ Administrative Reviews in three states since 2016.

  • Orientation to the AR
  • SY 20-21 AR Private ListServ
  • Customized timeline for your audit date(s)
  • Sample policies, procedures and HACCP plan
  • Custom signage for your District 
  • Analysis of targeted menus
  • Answer Key for all OAT questions 
  • On-site Cafeteria Visit Checklist
  • Entrance Visit Checklist
  • Support for Corrective Actions
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